About me

I come from an extended Italian family. As a result I was roped into being the MC at numerous, large weddings. This role ignited my desire to become a marriage celebrant. I decided it was a great way to combine my passion for public speaking and my love of LOVE.

I am a stand-up comedian. I have worked in writing and performing as well as directing and producing for a number of festivals. However I take all ceremonies very seriously and am truly happy to follow your lead in creating the wedding you want.  I believe my performing experience assists me to think on my feet, handle technological requirements, read the needs of the gathering and project my voice.

I have worked in marketing for Oxfam Australia. My role included going out to schools and talking to students about the importance of developing a social conscious and the ways in which they could help those less fortunate.  It was empowering and inspiring work and I gained further experience speaking in front of large crowds.

If you would prefer a matronly, stuffy celebrant who isn’t in favour of marriage equality, then I am probably not the celebrant for you. Otherwise I look forward to hearing from you.

You can also check out my 5-star reviews on Easy Weddings.

Antonia (Tanya) Losanno.

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